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How to choose the right room air conditioner for your home this summer

 by kaye on 23 Apr 2015 |
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April was one of the warmest on record in the last ten years which has the UK hoping for one of the hottest summers yet, but there’s no need to suffer through the heat as Aircon247 guide you through buying the right room air conditioner to keep you cool this summer.

Energy efficiency to keep pricy bills at bay

If you’re planning on using your air conditioner for several hours during the day when energy prices are at their highest then you should consider the energy rating of the units which you are considering during the buying process.

The energy efficiency of air conditioners are measures by what is called the ‘Energy Efficiency Ratio’ (or EER for short). The EER is the calculated ratio of the air conditioner’s cooling capacity and is measures in British thermal units (Btu) per hour against the power inputs (measured in watts). 

The higher the EER an air conditioner is awarded the more energy efficient that unit is, in turn this uses less electricity saving you money compared to a less energy efficient model. For every increase of 1.0 on the EER scale this represents on average a 10% increase in energy efficiency.

Click here for more information on energy efficient air conditioning.

Size really does matter

When considering various air conditioners you should measure the size of the room in which the unit will be used. Measurements of the room’s size is essential to ensure you have the right air conditioner for the job.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive over the summer period is “I need an air conditioner for my living room, what size unit do I need? Without having measured the room ourselves suggesting the correct unit to you without receiving measurements of the room size is almost impossible.

Many people purchase air conditioners that are too large for the space which they are cooling and having an oversized air conditioner is less effective and wastes a lot more energy powering the unit. Air conditioners work by removing both the heat and humidity from the air and if the unit is too big for the space in which it is operating then you room will cool quickly while removing only some of the humidity.

If your unit is too big for the space then you will be left with an uncomfortably cold and clammy room.

Measuring the space where your air conditioner will operate will ensure that the unit will efficiently and effectively cool while removing the humidity.

Other factors you should consider

Once you have ticked off the essentials such as the room measurements and the unit’s EER, you should also consider if your home can meet the electrical requirements for the air conditioner. The average British room will operate on between 115V and 230V with the standard British household on 115V. If you require an air conditioner to be wall mounted then select one with a turbo fan which drives cool air further into the room.
 It is also worth considering the following before you buy your air conditioner:
  • A built-in timer
  • A removable filter for regular ease of cleaning
  • A digital display
  • Easy to use controls 
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