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Inverter Airconditioning

An inverter air conditioning system is much more efficient than a traditional air conditioning unit of the same capacity. There is a lot of technology behind inverter air conditioning, but to put it simply, an inverter system varies its compressor speed depending on immediate need. The unit monitors the room temperature and powers up or down, accordingly. Typical A/C units power on and off, which can lead to shortened motor life. While inverter air conditioning may cost a bit more at the outset, it's more efficient and cost effective in the long run.

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Why use an inverter air conditioner?

The constant battle against cost drives technology to look for answers in efficiency, figuring if something is working at its best it will cost less to use. Such was the quest when someone decided to make the air conditioning unit more efficient, and came up with the Inverter Air Conditioner in the 1990s.

A power inverter changes direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) , and is also commonly used to operate mobile devices from batteries on all kinds of mobile devices. Utilities companies use it to convert DC to AC power when using solar power generating systems.

Putting an inverter in an air conditioner helps control the speed of the compressor motor that drives refrigerant flow, and thus regulates conditioned space temperature. A traditional air conditioner uses its compressor at maximum capacity or can be switched off entirely. Inverter-equipped air conditioners have variable frequency drive that helps control the speed of the motor and thus the compressor and the cooling output.

Simply put, the Inverter slows down the speed of the motor when a set temperature is reached, and if the AC unit is running it makes adjustments to keep temperatures at the required settings. It is more efficient because it does not have to power up and down to meet demand.

Inverter AC's are about 30% more efficient that fixed speed AC units, they reach a set room temperature more quickly, and are quieter than traditional air conditioners.

To improve air-conditioning efficiency even more:
  • Place the right size AC unit in the right size room
  • Run the unit continuously to keep the room at a set temperature. If the temperature in the room drops too low, and the unit has to continually power up to reach desired settings, it is less efficient and uses more power.
  • Make sure the room is well insulated so the cool air is captured, and the hot air stays outside.


Here at Aircon247, we stock and sell a fine assortment of inverter airconditioning units that are perfect for residential or commercial use. If you are willing to pay more for an extraordinarily quiet unit, please see our selection of Daikin inverter airconditioning systems. If you are more concerned with your pocketbook than your ears, Mitsubishi makes a very good A/C unit with an affordable price tag. We are proud to offer well-made airconditioners by more than fifty different makers.
Of course, we sell excellent air conditioning systems, but we also sell ground and air source heat pumps, portable fans and smart, ecological solar water heating panels. At Aircon247, we are concerned with your comfort. We will help to keep you toasty warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer. Several of our inverter airconditioning systems are relatively simple DIY installation projects. If you are handy and can follow printed instructions, you may be able to install your own home or office airconditioning. Most airconditioning systems should be installed by a qualified and experienced professional. If you are a dedicated do-it-yourselfer, you will be interested to know that we do offer several fine DIY airconditioning units.
We are based in Cheshire, England, but we keep our business online. Browse our entire inventory right here on our website. Ordering from Aircon247 is quick, simple and safe. We are pleased to take MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and other major credit cards. Our ordering system utilizes 228-bit encryption, and we will never sell your contact information or share it with anyone outside of the Aircon247 family. We are pleased to provide free shipping to mainland UK addresses. If you place your order today, we may be able to deliver your inverter airconditioning unit tomorrow.
Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions page prior to submitting your order. If you would prefer to speak with an actual person, please call us on 0845 363 7149. We would be delighted to speak with you any day of the week, between the hours of 8AM and 10PM. We are always happy to hear from new or returning Aircon247 customers. Give us a call and we can work together to maintain your year-round comfort. Contact us as soon as you can.
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