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With more than 30 years of experience, Panasonic is unquestionably a leader in the air conditioning sector. Determined to remain at the forefront of the market, Panasonic has produced over 100 million compressors with products manufactured in 294 plants located all over the world. This demonstrates the extremely high quality of Panasonic's air conditioning systems which always comply with the strictest environmental standards.

The new Panasonic range
More than ever before, Panasonic has developed a wide range of products designed to suit you and your clients. 

Panasonic Etherea - Domestic Range
Using Inverter control, the Etherea range can cool air whilst reducing energy consumption by half. Not only does the range offer perfect humidity control, it also utilises Nano-technology to remove micro-organisms from the air ensuring a cleaner living environment. Also featuring the new Econavi system, which detects the level of human presence in the room, their level of activity and the level of sunlight, the unit adjusts the output accordingly further reducing waste. Products in this range are - 
  • VE Inverter+ Energy Charge System
  • Etherea Inverter+ 
  • RE-3 Type Standard Inverter
  • Professional Inverter -15°C on Cooling Mode
  • 4 Way 60x60 Cassette Inverter
  • Low Static Pressure Hide Away Inverter
  • Mini Floor console Type Inverter+
Panasonic PACi Elite - Commercial Range
Panasonic have developed an impressive range of commercial air conditioners. The Inverter+ products improve the characteristics of standard Inverter range by over 20% which means 20% less energy consumption and 20% saved on your electricity bill. This range is also rated as A class on both cooling and heating mode, working in cooling mode with outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C and heat pump mode as low as -15°C or -20°C. The products in this range are available in both Standard and Elite Inverter+ models - 
  • Wall PACi Inverter+
  • 4 Way 90x90 Cassette PACi Inverter+
  • Low Static Pressure Hide Away PACi Inverter+
  •  High Static Pressure Hide Away PACi Inverter+
  • Ceiling PACi Standard Inverter+
We know that choosing a system can be a challenge. We try to include all the relevant information to make it easy for the customer to self check out but we do have an expert team on hand if you need any assistance. Please feel free to call.


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NEW Panasonic Wall Mounted VE Inverter+ Energy Charge Split System 2.5kw CS-VE9NKE / CU-VE9NKE
Panasonic Wall Mounted VE Inverter+ Energy Charge System
NEW Panasonic Wall Mounted VE Inverter+ Energy Charge Split System 3.5kw CS-VE12NKE / CU-VE12NKE
NEW Panasonic Wall Mounted VE Inverter+ Energy Charge Split...

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    • Portable units
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