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Toshiba Air Conditioning Reviews

Toshiba Air Conditioning Reviews

Founded in 1875 Toshiba are one of the most trusted electrical manufacturer brands in the world, creating products ranging from HDTV's through to Laptops. Whilst their name is synonymous with many electrical products, this Japanese engineering corporation are also the creators of some of our industry’s most highly rated air conditioners. In today’s post we will be looking at some of Toshiba's best-reviewed air conditioning units for the home and office.


Home Air conditioning

Air conditioning in the home is becoming increasingly popular as consumers look to gain control over spiralling energy costs. Whilst many may not initially think of an air conditioning unit as the solution to their energy needs, air conditioning units can be used to heat (if used with a heat pump), cool, and dry air in a cost effective manner. If you would like more advise on domestic air conditioning please either refer to our resources, or contact us on the number above. Aircon 247 retail a number of Toshiba Air conditioning units ideal for home use

Aircon247 Recommends; Toshiba compressor KFR-33IW/X1c

The Toshiba Compressor KFR-33IW/X1c is the ideal air conditioning unit for creating an ideal climate in your bedroom, conservatory or living room. This wall mounted inverted unit is perfectly sized to allow for easy installation, and comes with an energy efficiency rating of A. The Toshiba Compressor KFR-33IW/X1c also has a 5/5 star rating from one of our own customers, with Pros listed as, 'Cheap, inverter technology, and good venting'. We are inclined to agree; the Toshiba models certainly represent great value for money.You can read the full product review here.

Toshiba Compressor KFR-33lW/X1c
View all Toshiba Air Conditioners here.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Those looking for commercial air conditioning units have a few more options than looking for domestic control. Of course, the air conditioner suited to your needs depends on a variety of factors from budget to capacity. You also have options on mounting, with split wall mounted conditioners providing competition for ceiling mounted cassette options.Toshiba are noted for manufacturing some very high quality commercial units with our two favourites being the Toshiba RAV-SM1604UT-E, and Toshiba Daiseikai RAS-B16SKVP-E.

Aircon247 recommends; Toshiba RAV-SM1604UT-E

Boasting a 14kw, 50,000btu 4-way cassette digital inverter, the Toshiba RAV-SM1604UT-E is one of the most comprehensive air conditioning solutions available. Featuring an inbuilt heat pump, Inverter, Optional Infrared controller, and twin split operation, there is little this machine cannot handle. The ceiling mounted cassette makes this ideal for use in the office. Though it may be not be the cheapest solution to your commercial air conditioning needs, the build quality and features make this a highly-esteemed product. We give it 5/5.

Toshiba RAV-SM1604UT-E


Aircon247 Recommends; Toshiba Daiseikai RAS-B16SKVP-E

Featuring an energy rating level of A, heat pump, inverter, and triple action filter the Toshiba Daiseikai RAS-B16SKVP-E (click to read technical specifications) provides 4.5kw of wall mounted, air conditioned pleasure. This model also represents a more cost effective solution over the RAV-SM1604UT-E featured above, though may not be sizeable enough to control the climate in larger areas with its output at 4.5kw 14,000btu. The Toshiba Daiseikai RAS-B16SKVP-E is however one of the best made wall mounted units available on the market, and is dominant in its class.

Toshiba Daiseikai air conditioner.



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