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By now it must be evident that summers and the hot seasons are not going to get any cooler on their own. Global warming is not likely to reverse itself any time soon. You can just feel the energy drain from your head and limbs when it gets too hot for work and leisure. Is your house -- or even a single room -- too hot for you to work in and enjoy? Perhaps it is time to make a small investment in your comfort. We welcome you to, your online specialists in air conditioning, air cooling and heating. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality air appliances and accessories on the market. You can be certain we provide the best quality, price and service available on the web. We are knowledgeable in the field and attentive to your individual needs and wants. We also guarantee delivery, intact and on time.
We have the air conditioner which will best meet your specific demands. We supply portable and fixed air conditioning units, storage heaters, dehumidifiers, electric heaters and air purifiers in the UK and the world over. Our prices include VAT and free delivery. On our site, you may use the headings on the left hand side to find the specific type of air conditioner you are looking for. You will find a featured list of our most popular air conditioner or heater categories. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance with your product selection or you may simply look at our guides on air conditioning. If you are trying to decide between installing a fixed air conditioner and a portable air conditioner, call us and we will be happy to aid and advise. Please contact us if we can help with any of your requirements for an air conditioner.
We work with two national delivery companies to see that your goods are delivered on time. We want to provide our customers with top quality air conditioners at highly competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of service. Our representatives' compensation is not commission-based, so you need not worry about a sales person coming on too strong and selling you something you don't need just to make extra money. Like you, we only want the right product for you -- not the most expensive item we have. Please contact us directly by telephone on 0845 363 7149 or you may Fax us on 0161 477 3530. Feel free to phone us or email us at with any request for information or advice, discounts for bulk orders, or anything else. All of our appliances are delivered direct from manufacturers in the UK, with no middle man and no delays. VAT and delivery is free on all items so you will have absolutely no hidden costs.

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Air conditioning
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