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Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter

With the heat and humidity of summer fading fast, winter is just around the corner. It is time to consider how you will heat your home during those cold months. The cost of heating fuel is on the rise, and the concern over carbon emissions is also a factor to be considered when choosing how to heat your home during the chilly months. A fitted heat pump air conditioner can help you go a long way towards holding the chill at bay this winter.

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A Solid Choice

Heat pumps are a great choice for heating your home because they operate much more efficiently than traditional gas or electric boilers. They are able to do this because a heat pump simply transfers heat, rather than consuming fuel to produce it. Therefore, it is not only more cost effective, but also much more environmentally friendly than a fuel-burning boiler. This type of unit can also function as an air conditioner during the summer months, so it is really two units in the place of one Many experts expect that heat pump air conditioning units will play a much larger role in the heating and cooling industry throughout the Britain and the UK in the years ahead.

As opposed to burning fuel for heat, heat pumps operate by pulling warmth from the outside air and then heating it to a higher temperature using electrical energy. They work especially well in areas with milder winters like most of Britain experiences. By pulling warmth from the air around it, heat pumps have an essentially limitless supply of heat to offer. While not completely green, since heat pumps do use electricity to convert and increase the heat of the air, they are nonetheless growing in popularity. Consider the difference a fitted heat pump air conditioner could make for you this winter.

A Significant Savings Opportunity

So how much can a fitted heat pump air conditioner really save you? Well some have estimated you can receive almost double the value in heat as what it costs you to run your heat pump. If you are currently using an electric boiler, a heat pump can help you save as much as one third on your heating costs. Those are significant savings for sure. Of course each family's savings will depend on a number of factors; such as:

  • Quality of insulation in the home.

  • Size of home.

  • Temperature aimed at.

  • Proper maintenance and care of unit.

Still, overall it is a great option for those looking for a solid way to heat their homes for less this year.

Fitted heat pump air conditioners are at least as reliable as a fridge, and many last up to twenty years before needing to be replaced. Also important is the fact that heat pumps can pull heat out of the air even when temperatures drop very low. The air outside is your heat source, so you can rest assured that you are heating your home with a truly renewable fuel source.

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Summing it Up

So there are some reasons you may want to consider replacing your old heating system with a fitted heat pump air conditioner this year. Enjoy the warmth of your home and save money all at the same time. What could be better than that?

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