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Guide to Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Guide to Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Starting in March 2005 the European Union decided to make energy ratings on all household appliances mandatory. While most if not all household appliances must now carry an energy ratings, this guide is to help people choose the most energy efficient air conditioners possible. It is the EU's hope that when people clearly understand both the benefits of buying an energy efficient air conditioner and what to look for when shopping for a new air conditioner that more consumers will seek out the most energy efficient appliance possible to cool their homes.

Benefits of An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner 

There are several benefits to using an energy efficient air condition and we will discuss these benefits beginning with the benefits to the planet as a whole and moving down to the personal benefits you will achieve by choosing the most efficient air conditioner you can find.

Cuts Down on Greenhouse Emissions

By now most people know and understand that greenhouse emissions heats up the environment and adds significantly to global warming. While most people don't consider the ramifications of global warming on a daily basis, those ramifications do affect the day to day lives of every living thing on the planet. Not only do greenhouse emissions spew carbon monoxide into air, causing oxygen levels to be deplete and making it difficult for people with respiratory problems to breath, but this and other gasses are causing the glaciers and permafrost to melt, and the very air to become more heated, wreaking havoc with the weather around the world, and making it extremely uncomfortable for people in urban areas especially during the summer months. If everyone in the UK used the most energy efficient air conditioners available they would reduce the same amount of CO2 emissions as 35 million double decker buses produce. That's a lot of CO2 emissions and would clean up the air in our cities significantly.

The Environment

Not only do energy efficient air conditioners help to slow global warming by cutting down on greenhouse emissions, they also help the rest of the environment as well. For example, it takes large quantities of fossil fuel to generate the electricity used to run those air conditioners. The higher the demand for electricity the more mining that needs to be done. This mining destroys the natural habitats of many animals, takes away the green spaces and natural areas that people enjoy exploring. Eventually we are bound to run out of fossil fuels if something isn't done to try and reduce the dependency on these fuels, and more energy efficient appliances including air conditioners are one way of reducing the need for these such fuels.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Can Save You Money

On a more personal note the more energy efficient air conditioner you buy, the lower your electric bill will be, so buying an energy efficient air conditioner will actually save you money in the long run, giving you more to spend on the things you really enjoy in life. 

How To Know if an Air Conditioner is Energy Efficient or Not

When air conditioners are manufactured they have to go through a testing process to determined their energy efficiency. Once tested, the air conditioner is giving assigned a specific letter A through G. A is the most energy efficient air conditioner on the market and G ratings are those that really aren't very efficient at all. Once rated every air conditioner must carry a clear label showing it's energy label so you simply look for the label and then look to see if the air conditioner you are considering purchasing is A or B rated. It really is that simple.

Making that Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Even More Efficient

Of course, energy ratings can only go so far, and these tests measure the amount of electricity an air conditioner uses when used normally. However, you also need to do your part to ensure that the air conditioner is operating under optimum conditions to work at it's highest efficiency level. Some of the things you need to do includes:

  • Measure the room in which the air conditioner will be placed and make sure that you purchase a air conditioner with the right size cooling capacity for the room. If the air conditioner is too small for the room in which it is placed, you will need to run the air conditioner at cooler temperatures in order to cool down your room, which will take more electricity to run. You can read our Guide to finding the correct sized Air Conditioner here.
  • Make sure that the room in which you are running the air conditioner is as air tight as possible. This means closing the doors and windows, and making sure that you don't have areas where warm air is pouring in. 
  • When away from home, or sleeping in another room use a timer with your air conditioner. That way the air conditioner can be shut off, and then will automatically turn on in time to cool down the room before you return home or wake up, saving even more electricity because it will only be running when needed.
  • Set the temperature of your air conditioner to the desired temperature you want the room, and allow it to gradually adjust the temperature to the optimum temperature. Turning your air conditioner up and down continually will use up more electricity then keeping it set at a steady temperature.
  • Maintain Your Appliance Properly. Make sure that you clean your conditioners air filters frequently and keep your air conditioner maintained in good working order. Clog filters and poorly functioning equipment will use more electricity that needed in order to keep and optimum temperature. 

By following this simple guide for an energy efficient air conditioner, you can save money and the environment while keeping your cool even if the hottest weather.


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