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Hello Terry,

Ref our recent order for 6 off Honeywell 60 Evaporative coolers.

Items arrived safely this morning and are already in use!

Thank you very much for your prompt efficient service, it is much appreciated.

Best regards,

Richard. E

Wednesday 2 July 2015

Hi Aircon247 team,

I would love to take the opportunity to send you some feedback regarding my experience talking to one of your representative Named 'Terry'.
He is a soft spoken individual and heard each of my concerns regarding the purchase with admirable patience. Not at any point during a long conversation that successfully convinced me to buy two of the products listed on your website, I never felt for a single moment that he is imposing a product on me or he is trying to dominate because of his expertise in his job field.
Initially I had planned to buy just one product. As I realised that I am not talking to such a salesman who is merely interested in money in my pocket, I decided to buy another product at the same time. After the products had already been paid for, I suddenly noticed that dimensions of one of the Indoor Air  Conditioning is not right for my room due the room shape. Eventually, I was not left with any other option except requesting to replace it with such indoor Unit size that would fit in to the room in question.
When Terry was re-contacted, now he was pushed to work hard. Searching through a long list of products, he very happily found a suitable product within 30 minutes or so and contacted me back. I never sensed at any stage during the business conversation that his approach was ' here we go again'!!!
Once I was satisfied with his newly suggested product, I went ahed and paid with peace of mind.
I found Terry's technical knowledge was up-to date. He was able to deal with each question that I needed answers for, as a very Demanding Customer.
I must say that on Google as I found Aircon247 on the first page as sponsored link, I just blindly contacted an Air Conditioner Seller Company and it was Terry who attended the call. I did not feel a need to compare the prices with any other website such as Amazon or eBay and many more. Terry assured me that Aircon 247 is highly competitive with other companies.
In my humble view, Terry is an asset to your company and I wish him and your company both even greater success in today's highly challenging business world.
Very sincerely
Vikhyat Singh
Monday 30 June 2015

Customer service means everything to us at Aircon 247, and we are proud that we have maintained a fantastic level of positive feedback for the past 7 years. We endeavour to offer each of our cutomers exceptional service, and encourage any and all feedback on our service, skills and product range. 

Aircon 247
4.8 /5 based on 46 Customer reviews

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Aircon247 by Trevor
Great service thank you, the courier arrived on the dot of four, that really was next day service, installed and running already.  The heat output is impressive, perhaps we can use the conservatory all year round now. Trevor 

Monday 12th August 2013

Aircon 247 by Phil
5 /5
Thank you for the info I will have a look at what you have sent and no doubt come back with a load of questions.
Appreciate your helpful knowledge and quick response.

Tuesday 6th August 2013
Aircon 247 Efficient and quiet by David
4 /5
I bought the 9000btu "plug & play" split air con system.
Pros: Easy to install (took just over an hour); very efficient and very quiet. Good value for money - I was quoted over £2,000 to supply and install similar sized unit.

Cons: The instructions are in very bad English - so much so that at times they were unintelligible. Had to ring technical support for clear instructions on how to plug the pipes into the outdoor unit.


Review: I have spent many years overseas in hot countries and am well used to split unit air conditioners. This unit is one of the quietest I have ever used. I is very efficient, cooling our room within minutes. 
My only gripe is with the instructions that could benefit translation into good English - rather than the Japlish or Chinglish that they are presented in.
It took two of us just over an hour to install ready to use. I recommend purchasing the special brackets to wall mount the compressor.
I can recommend this unit to anyone who is suffering hot and humid nights this summer.

David (Prem-I-Air PMSF09 Bora Wind)

Sunday 21st July 2013

Aircon 247 Thanks by Frank
5 /5
Hi Sales,
Despite the lack of an email, (probably due to a huge workload!!) my order arrived yesterday as promised and is now working at my daughter's home. Many thanks to Terry for his reassurance that it would get here. I was a little bit concerned, as I had promised my daughter I would be able to install it over the weekend, before the next lot of unusually sticky, humid weather arrives. Your good reputation is obviously well founded, so thanks again Terry, you have made my weekend. (KFR33)

Wednesday 17th July 2013

Aircon 247 Brilliant by Ashley
5 /5
Hi there 
Just wanted to say a big thanks for brilliant after-support regarding installation of my Midea/Toshiba KFR-36YW/X1c Y Series split AC unit. Your office chap Rob (think it was ) put me onto an engineer called Gary who talked me through what to look for which sorted the problem. Also impressed with build quality of product. Excellent stuff.
Many thanks again
Ashley - Instrumentation Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company

Monday 8th July 2013
Aircon 247 Quick delivery by Tony
5 /5
Thank you for ensuring this item arrived so quickly (LG G09PK Art Cool Gallery)

Much appreciated.

Kind Regards



Friday 5th October 2012

Aircon 247 Excellent job by Robert Bryden
5 /5
Thank you for supplying me with KFR-36YW 3.5 Kw ....air conditioning system. Also thanks for recommending Chris Micallef from Uttoxeter. Chris did an excellent job fitting the unit and as satisfied customers we would have no hesitation in
recommending him to others. The unit works well and we appreciate your help in this matter. All the best for your business in the future.
Robert Bryden


Friday 22nd June 2012

Aircon 247 Superb by Peter Kent
5 /5
Superb item. My installer thinks this is great kit. Thanks (KFR32)

Peter (Kent)

Monday 11th June 2012
Aircon 247 Thank you for fast delivery by Richie
5 /5
Thank you for such a fast delivery of what appears to be a great item (KYR35)

Richie (Aberdeen)

Wednesday 6th June 2012
Aircon 247 arrived safely by Richard Peterborough
5 /5
My unit has arrived safely and promptly - thank you. (KYR35)

Richard (Peterborough)

Monday 4th June 2012
Aircon 247 Works brilliantly by Paul Paignton
5 /5
Just wanted to let you the KFR32 system we bought works brilliantly! (KFR32)

Paul (Paignton)

Friday 1st June 2012
Aircon 247 Thank you for fast delivery by Kim Matlock
5 /5
Thank you for your fast delivery of a great item. (KYR35)

Kim (Matlock)

Thursday 31st May 2012
Aircon 247 Thanks by May Kidderminster
5 /5
Thanks very prompt delivery. (KYR35)

May (kidderminster)

Wednesday 30th May 2012
Aircon 247 First class service by Richie
5 /5
Your service is and has been first class. (KYR35)


Friday 6th August 2010


Aircon 247 Great customer service by Gemma
5 /5

Thank you for the link to your alternative website.
I need to make a decision on the DD122FW. Although there shows a discounted price for the product, £159 is a large expense that I will need to consider.
Many thanks for your customer service.

Friday 23rd July 2010

Aircon 247 Quick and professional by Scott Wagstaff
5 /5

Hey – just wanted to thank you for your quick and professional response when I needed some aircon at very short notice. I can’t remember the name of the chap who liaised with the courier firm but the units arrived as expected. I shall certainly use you guys again and recommend you to others.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.


Scott Wagstaff


01 June 2010 18:00

Aircon 247 Great Help by Mr Jackson
5 /5

"You've offered really valuable advice and have been a great help in choosing the right air conditioning system for our extention"

Mr Jackson,

01 June 2010 18:00

Aircon 247 Really know what you are talking about by Mr Down
5 /5

"We had been looking at an air conditioning unit with similar specification and price but we bought our Amcor system from you as unlike the other company we spoke to, you really know what you are talking about." 

Mr Down,

Tue 20/04/2010 13:59

Aircon 247 Thank You by Felicity
5 /5

Thank you very much for the dehumidifiers, they arrived yesterday.  I have set one up and am very pleased with it so thank you for your advice.   It took lots of water out straight away.

Please would you be kind enough to email me an invoice for the accounts.

Thank you

From Felicity
B.L.Emery Ltd

01 April 2010

Aircon 247 Very impressed by BL Emery
5 /5
Thank you very much for the dehumidifiers, they arrived yesterday.  I have set one up and am very pleased with it so thank you for your advice.   It took lots of water out straight away.
<>13th January 2009


Aircon 247 Terrific by Belfast
5 /5
Many thanks for your extremely rapid service.
The De-humidifier that I ordered from you on Monday arrived in Belfast on Tuesday which was terrific.

Thank you

From Felicity
B.L.Emery Ltd


Wed 17/02/2010 19:01

Aircon 247 Highly recommended by Helen Rennie
5 /5


Just letting you know that my dehumidifier has arrived - TODAY - couldn't believe it  - especially in view of our Artic conditions at present in the North East of Scotland.

Googled Meaco/Airforce and noted mixed comments re price,  I have been trying to buy a spare dehumidifier on eBay and was thankful that I have been unsuccessful, as, on researching dehumidifiers in more depth, I found that my Airforce dehumidifier which I have had for years (now Meaco with the continuous drain Mk3) is one of the top rated dehumidifiers.  I bought my first one from B & Q an eternity ago unaware, at the time, that it was a REALLY good machine - now I know it is!!  That's why I decided against eBay and bought my Meaco Mk3 from yourselves.  Yes, I paid £159 but I knew what I am paying for + excellent delivery to the "Styx" means a lot especially in wintry conditions. I will recommend the Mk3 to friends but would appreciate if the price from yourselves was a little more attractive in comparison to other dehumidifiers - that's the only thing that is "putting off" two of my friends.

Will start up my Mk3 tonight.

Helen J Rennie

Fri 08/01/2010 15:58

Aircon 247 Excellent service by John Gove
5 /5

Hi Aircon 247, the order placed has arrived 14.30 today. excellent service both you and the carrier (especially considering the weather) thank you.

John Gove.

Mon 23/11/2009 15:40

Aircon 247 Very impressed by BR
5 /5

Superb service, guys. Very impressed thanks

13th January 2009

Aircon 247 Thanks by Chris Jones
5 /5
I am constructing an indoor swimming pool
Can you please advise of the pricing on the Calorex Delta range.


Chris Jones

23rd November 2009

Aircon 247 Superb by NJB
5 /5
Superb service, guys. Very impressed thanks

15th June 2009

Aircon 247 Great company by Richard Greene
5 /5
Many, many thanks for this.
So good these days to find a company/individual that does exactly what they say they are going to do!!
Best regards,
Richard Green


28th February 2009

Aircon 247 Thanks by Naina
5 /5
Rob – thanks for the phone message. The heaters have arrived and I am just testing them.
Thanks for a prompt service.

28th February 2009

Aircon 247 Great service by Alan
5 /5
I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I received from your company. I always complain when it's poor so it's only fair to praise good service. I had great advice on the phone and you were flexible with delivery which made it all nice and easy.
The conditioner is now installed and seems like it's going to do the job when the weather starts to warm up.


23rd February 2009

Aircon 247 Patient and helpful by Helen Bishop
5 /5
Hi I have been liaising with rob re the delivery of my new radiator. I
purchased a volcano radiator from yourselves, in error I ordered the wrong
size I needed a double and received a single. Rob has been very helpful in
sorting out my dilemma, we have got to the stage where I have now paid in
full for the upgrade to the double volcano radiator, however I am now
waiting for the delivery date of the new radiator and the collection of
the single radiator, I received by email the receipt for payment last week
by email, and am now waiting for the said radiator, I hope this matter can
be resolved. Thank you for your attention, and the help I have received
from Rob, he has been most patient and helpful.
Mrs. Helen Bishop

16th February 2009


Aircon 247 So helpful by Tracy
5 /5
Hi Rob,
What customer service!
Thank you so much for your reply which is so helpful.
Kindest regards,

4th February 2009

Aircon 247 Thanks by R Luke
5 /5
Hi, thank you very much for the email and to say thank you for the fast delivery, it has just come, just as I was going back to work.
Regards R Luke


30th January 2009

Aircon 247 Many thanks by Colin Biles
5 /5
Good afternoon,
Just a note to thank you for chasing up my order.
It was delivered late morning.
Many thanks for your help.
Colin Biles


11th January 2009

Aircon 247 Very Helpful by Wendy
5 /5
Dear Sir,
I have just had delivered an AMCOR QT120 Dehumidifier ordered from your company, for which I am very pleased with.
My initial order, through a wrong word description was not the actual dehumidifier I originally had in mind or ordered.
I contacted your office by both telephone and email to register my concern about the dehumidifier being the wrong one. My contact telephone was an employee of your company whom i now know to be WENDY. This young lady was very helpful, most courteous and if I may say so a credit to your company.

9th January 2009

Aircon 247 A credit to Aircon 247 by R G Ball
5 /5
Could I through you Sir, extend my thanks to this employee for the wonderful way she carried out her customer relations. She is a credit to Aircon247.
Your sincerely

24th December 2008

Aircon 247 Couldnt ask for better service by Kenneth Ridley
5 /5
Thank you for an excellent service of replacing our broken heater. It arrived this morning at 8.00am we couldn't ask for a better service.
Happy Christmas
Kenneth Ridley

8th December 2008

Aircon 247 Top notch company by A
5 /5
Big thanks to Rob for his help. Will deal again with top notch company.

4th December 2008

Aircon 247 Excellent service by M J Macintyre
5 /5
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you very much for your excellent service, I have received my order today.
M.J. McIntyre

26th November 2008

Aircon 247 Big thanks by Sheila Brown
5 /5
Big thank you to AIRCON247 and you for the help in finally finding a heater that works.
There was a decided difference when I opened the box - looked like it had just come off the assembly line. It has been up and running perfectly since Saturday. No need to steal the one I gave to my son.
Thank you
Regards Sheila Brown

Message Received: 25th November 2008
Wendy/Rob, Just to say thanks for the excellent service that you provide. I mistakenly ordered the incorrect heater but immediately I contacted you the response was swift and the situation resolved without hesitation. I now have the correct appliance and I am extremely happy with your customer support service. Wendy I will find a way to get the white wine to you - Thanks again

6th November 2008

Aircon 247 looks lovely by Mrs McAdam
5 /5
Dear Sir,
We would like to thank you for your excellent service. Our fire arrived at 08.30am and looks lovely in our living room.
Once again thank you
Yours sincerely,
Mrs McAdam

11 August 2008

Aircon 247 Thank you by Colin Gurley
5 /5
Thank you for your excellent service very much appreciated,
Regards, Colin Gurley

06 August 2008

Aircon 247 Excellent service by Daphne Aston
5 /5
Aircon received today..............excellent service
Many thanks,
Daphne Aston

04 July 2008

Aircon 247 Impeccable service by Virgillio Villanueva
5 /5
"Rob, thank you for the impeccable service. I run an Internet business and I'm really impressed by your level of service - it is the best I have received from any internet retailer. I would be grateful if you can add my comments to your testimonials page. - Virgillio Villanueva - London

15 May 2008

Aircon 247 Really appreciate it by Martin Freeman
4 /5
Dear Aircon247,
I have received the replacement Delonghi Dragon, and just wanted to say a
big thank you for the help you have been over the past couple of weeks: a
good measure of a firm's level of service is how they react when things go
In my case, the faults were not of your making, but you still reacted in a
more-than-fair manner, and I really appreciate it.
Kind regards
Martin Freeman

07 May 2008

Aircon 247 Really prompt service by Sue
5 /5
Hi Rob,
Thanks for the email and phone message and such really prompt and friendly service.

04 April 2008

Aircon 247 Thanks for all your help by Caroline Cook
5 /5
Thanks to you – the towel rail arrived in Cornwall on Wednesday evening. Obviously can’t inspect it just yet, that delight will be on 20th April. Thanks for all your help.
Caroline Cook

15 November 2007

Aircon 247 Kind and generous by Angie
5 /5
Dear Rob,
Thank you so much for your kind help and generous offer – I am so grateful.
Angie – Newcastle

12 November 2007

Aircon 247 Thank you by Mr Vijayan
5 /5
Dear Aircon247


Having lost faith in virtually all our previous suppliers please be aware that going forward we will be entrusting you with all our air conditioning and refrigeration requirements. As well as being the most competitively priced of the three companies we contacted, we are delighted with both the equipment and the fast, efficient and flexible service that you and Neil have supplied during the air conditioning installation in our restaurant in Tooting. Please be aware that we will be utilizing your services again in the near future for our new restaurant in Birmingham.
Mr Vijayan - Norwich


9 November 2007

Aircon 247 Best panel heater by Eirian
5 /5
Thank you for your time and advice on the telephone over a number of calls helping me to choose the best panel heater for my conservatory.
Eirian – Romsey

3 November 2007

Aircon 247 great advice by Eric Sidmouth
5 /5
Dear Sarah,
Just to let you know the Gree easy install air conditioning system we purchased last week from you is now in place and working. You were right – it really was that simple to install! Thank you once again for your patience and advice.
Eric – Sidmouth

27 October 2007

Aircon 247 Really impressed by Steve Southampton
5 /5
Our portable air con arrived this morning. Really impressed by the fast & efficient service – as an office refurbishment business, we will definitely be coming back to source products for our clients. Please feel free to pass this information on to any prospective customers.
Steve – Southampton


12 October 2007

Aircon 247 Great price, great service by Jim Didsbury
5 /5
Great price, great service, great product.
Jim, Didsbury

5 October 2007

Aircon 247 Impressed with the levels of service by Fiona
5 /5

I was really impressed with the levels of service I got from Air Con 247. There was a slight problem with the delivery but you took time to sort it out – plenty of internet businesses would have just ignored my requests and blamed the carrier.
Many thanks Fiona, Manchester


29 September 2007

Aircon 247 Thanks for the advice by Miles
5 /5
Thanks for your advice in sourcing the correct product – it works fantastically and as you said it would, it arrived in time for my party at the weekend. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for heating products.
Myles - Inverness

27 September 2007

Aircon 247 Thanks by Charlotte
5 /5
Dear Rob,
I would like to thank you for all the advice you gave me on the phone – I know I took up a lot of your time and you were always helpful and patient with what were probably daft questions!!!!! Charlotte, North Wales

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