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Fermostock 6611 'L' Shaped 2 Wall Modular Shelving for Misa Easy Install Cold Rooms

For use in cold and freezer rooms. Size options available.
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Product Description

Fermostock 6611 Modular Shelving for use in Misa Easy Install Cold Rooms (please select the correct size from the drop down menu).

The Fermostock shelving units feature smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and are designed to withstand intensive, frequent cleaning to aid reduction in bacterial contamination. They are registered by NSF for use in food storage and preparation areas and are suitable for temperatures as low as -40°C. The removable inserts are dishwasher prood and the uncomplicated design eliminates the need for cross bracing, 

Room Size   
Internal Volume 2 Wall 'L' Shaped, 3 tier, 1685mm high
Width (mm) Depth (mm) m3 Part Number
1230 1230 3.1 FER1212L3 36A16
1630 1230 4.1 FER1612L3 36A16
1630 1630 5.4 FER1616L3 36A16
2030 1230 5.1 FER2012L3 36A16
2030 1630 6.7 FER2016L3 36A16
2030 2030 8.4 FER2020L3 36A16
2430 1230 6.1 FER2412L336A16
2430 1630 8.0 FER2416L3 36A16
2430 2030 10.0 FER2420L3 36A16
2430 2430 12.0 FER2424L3 36A16
2830 1230 7.1 FER2812L3 36A16
2830 1630 9.4 FER2816L3 36A16
2830 2030 11.7 FER2820L3 36A16
2830 2430 14.0 FER2824L3 36A16

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